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Corona virus home schooling

Updated: Apr 12

We are all in the ‘same boat’ and families throughout the UK are all trying to acclimatize to their new roles as teachers whist many are also working from home.

Here, we set out five of our top tips to help engage with your kids and create a happy, healthy environment to thrive in to ensure our kids education and emotional needs are not damaged during these hard times.

1. Plan a daily schedule ensuring core subjects are covered.

This will not be something many of us are familiar or comfortable with and if you are not a teacher by trade you will need to set yourself some realistic daily goals to ensure yours and your children/Child's anxiety levels are kept to a bare minimum. Utilise the tools that have been provided by the schools and you’ll be surprised at how this one on one teaching is actually going to be hugely more beneficial to your children. There are many other ways in which you can enhance your children’s learning by utilising things such as Horrible Histories and Blue planet as lets face it, David Attenborough will keep even the shortest of attention spans focused and Ofsted are unlikely to come knocking any time soon. There are planning products available here: https://www.inkiespace.com/kids

2. Open and introduce your new school to the children

The fact is, you are not going to need to get to know your pupils, but role play is good. Make a point of playing school and if you have more than one child, reiterate the importance of raising your hand to speak to eliminate having lots of little voices coming from all angles. Make sure your ‘pupils’ are aware of why they are working from home and that they need to support you in supporting them! Also, get them to take ownership over the school by naming it and you could always design a school logo/badge. Everyday, get them involved with planning their day so that they are fully behind their routing.

3. Establish routines

Both adults and children react well to routines and structure. I have worked from home for a huge chunk of my career and I found that I preform better when I get myself dressed for the day ahead. Get dressed as if you are going to work or school and set up a clear and clean work space. Consider setting some regular school experiences within the home environment such as break, lunch and play times. Ring a bell when play times over and get back to it. Try to block out time to do your work commitments and allow yourself time to give your work the attention it needs so not to feel like you are doing things halfhearted. Obviously the school day time is usually from 9am to around 3pm but if it means you extending play times etc to ensure you have time put aside for you to focus on work or house hold jobs then don’t beat yourself up about it.

4. Tips on teaching core subjects

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Remember, teachers train A LOT to do this job and to able to keep your children engaged and on track is a SERIOUS skill. You will be helping your children learn at a faster pace given the 1 on 1 attention they will be getting opposed to being one of 30 or so children. To gage their progress and make sure what they are being told is sinking in, you could flip the script and get the kids to become the teachers and you ask them to tell you what they have learnt and get them to teach you. Don’t be too hard on your kids and remember to praise and reward their progress, no matter how small. Although we talk about how SCREENTIME IS BAD. Utilise youtube and other websites and get something educational on to burn some time if needed.

5. Fuel your body and your mind.

Since the boom of Jamie Oliver coming into all of the schools and shaking everything up things have been incredible with schools having a better understanding of the importance of nutrition in as much as food is fuel. What we put in is what we get out. Avoid sugars and keep well hydrated drinking water!

Although it is likely to be stressful at times, just remember don’t be too hard on yourself. This is an opportunity to positively impact our children’s lives and carve memories that will live with us forever.

The main think is. Try not to let things get on top of you. Remember you are doing a great job and your children are lucky to have you. Keep going strong!

Best wishes,

Luke, Dan and the Inkie Space team x